Thursday, February 3, 2011


Stole this off a fellow birth mom's blog. :)

1. What emotions did you experience when you initially found out about the pregnancy?

I was in shock. I think I was actually in shock my entire pregnancy, to be honest. I went through a lot of depression and confusion.

2. Did you plan for single-parenting or marriage?

Never planned on marriage. I was planning on single parenting from the get go

3. Why did you consider adoption? Did you consider abortion as an option?

I didn't consider adoption. I also said a firm no to abortion (I'm pro life). I didn't even TALK about adoption until Kennedy was 6 weeks old

4. What were your major concerns when considering adoption?

I just wanted her to be raised how I would raise her- and have a loving family.

5. Did you have any specifications when searching for your adoptive couple?

I wanted them to be a lot like my parents- I wanted them to raise her like I was raised. And to be strong LDS (Mormon) members.

6. How long into the pregnancy did you wait before selecting a couple?

Didn't even look into it until she was 6 weeks old.

7. Looking at the way your birth child is being raised, are there any parenting practices you disagree with? Or value differences?

No. I picked the PERFECT family for my daughter, and I wouldn't change a thing. They give her everything I could have imagined wanting her to have in life.

8. Is there anything you would change about your current placement?

No. I think everything went as well as I could have pictured it going.

9. How do you feel about the adoptive parents? Is the relationship open/closed? Would you change the current arrangement?

I love her parents. They feel like family to me! It's a super open relationship (we actually email a few times a week, see each other every couple months). Wouldn't change a thing.

10. Do you want to have more children?

Absolutely. I'm pregnant now, so I sure hope so!

11. How would you feel if you were unable to conceive again? Would you consider adopting?

I was VERY worried about this. It took my husband and I about 9 months to get pregnant, so I started to get a bit nervous towards the last few months (since I got pregnant the first time last time). I would have definitely considered adoption- I wouldn't have ever done IVF or anything (just not my thing- I'd rather adopt).

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