Friday, February 18, 2011

Glenn Beck

I've always liked Glenn Beck (don't hate me for it). I heard that today on his radio show he was mentioning birth moms. I guess him and his wife have adopted- and have had an amazing experience. Just read this quote from his show and loved it- thought I should share,

"This little girl was a hero. She was a remarkable superhero. Raphe doesn’t need Spiderman or Superman; he’s got his natural mother as an example of what real superheroes do. Real superheroes don’t think about themselves. Real superheroes don’t make their life all about them. Real superheroes do the hard thing, and I can’t imagine anything tougher than giving birth to a child and giving that child away and then wondering your whole life what’s happening in his day."

...I'm not calling myself a superhero, because I think that's ridiculous. But I do think the high regard he holds his son's natural mother in is a beautiful thing. 

You can find him and his wife's adoption story here:


  1. Wow I got a little teary reading that! I think a HUGE part of how adoption "works" is when the parents honor and remember the birthmother. Of course I am one, and I love having contact with my daughter's parents, but I know for the future it will impact her sense of self POSITIVELY. I cannot think of something more positive for a child than for his or her parents to support and love and talk positively about their child's birthmother and/or birthfamily.

  2. I very much dislike Beck, but hold no hostility toward those who feel differently. :) That is an outstanding quote!! I'm very happy he feels that way. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. I love this post and I think I might love you! We are very similar in a lot of things. As far as adoption goes, I looked into it when I was pregnant with my daughter Malia. Steve and I weren't together so it was an option I considered. I admire you for making such a hard decision but a best decision for you and little Kennedy. I'm SOOO Excited you are prego again! woot Woot! I love reading about pregnancy so write a lot! As far as the church thing goes, yeah, it's tough, I love hearing about others experiences and they truly inspire me to keep going.

  4. That is awesome. I love seeing affect people's lives in such an amazing way!