Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Day

Birthday day has come and gone, and I'm doing just great! Her birthday party was a great experience...I think it kind of actually helped me have a bit more closure, seeing all of her family and friends there giving her a great party. This post is loaded with pictures (mostly for my sake)- so feel free to take a look! :)

Kennedy & me (her holding the present we gave her- it was definitely a hit!)

It seemed that the theme was barbie & princesses this year- she got SO many barbie things! It was kind of nice that we gave her the only "cuddly" thing- kids love that soft stuff!

Kennedy ADORES my dad. They play games constantly and just laugh like crazy.

another super adorable picture with the bear

She's really into beetles/bugs right now I guess- this cake was SO perfect, the look on her face when her dad brought it out was priceless.

...last part of the reaction. At first she literally dropped her jaw. :)

...little princess makes me so happy to see her excelling and growing so much. She is SO smart it's crazy. She just turned 4 and she talks/acts like a teenager- she even calls her brother (whose almost 9) "little brother"...while bossing him around. I was in advanced programs throughout elementary (Gifted and Talented Education- and then another program once I moved to Utah- and no, it wasn't for slow kids, like my husband likes to tease me)...and I have a feeling Kennedy will be the same way. It makes me feel good because physically I don't think Kennedy looks like me at all...but I think her personality is a lot like mine.

Anyway, the party was great. We ended up being an hour late because of construction and me getting pulled over- but besides that, we had a wonderful weekend. I got laid off from my job yesterday- so I'm kind of too emotionally drained to get into anything really right now- but I'm sure another post will be coming soon. :)