Thursday, March 22, 2012


My best friend Megan asked me to write a one paragraph autobiography of my I decided to post it here. It's one long paragraph (haha).

Britney's Autobiography

When I was 15 I was intelligent, driven and pure. Sitting in my creative writing class ten years ago I'm sure I was given the writing assignment, "Where do you think you will be in ten years?" and my response would have most definitely been, "Married and a stay at home mom to a child(ren)". Fast forward to now and you'd see that picture precisely. I'm a wife to the most wonderful man and I'm a stay at home mother to an adorable little boy. What I wouldn't have predicted; however, would have been the experiences, regrets and events between then and now, thus shaping the woman I have become. At 18 I was able to travel to China and teach English to children which brought to light the love I have always had for helping children. At 19 my life would change forever. I was raised in a religious family (we're members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), but for some reason a part of me had always been a bit rebellious against the things I knew were right. I made the unfortunate decision to put myself around a crowd of people who would bring out the worst in me, and I ended up pregnant. At 20 I had my beautiful baby girl. Six weeks after her birth I made the decision to place her for adoption, which I stand firm in knowing it was the right thing to do, but didn't/hasn't made the emotions dealing with it any easier. For about a year after that I continued down a bad path of many regrets and lost a very close friend to a drug overdose. I met my husband on New Years Eve of 2007 and life changed once again, but this time for the better. Our first date wasn't until the week before Valentine's Day- but we were able to impact each others lives enough to set us both straight. We were married in June of 2008 and life has been what I can only describe as nearly perfect since then. Having my son in August of 2011 has brought a new meaning to my life- and my role as a mother is my driving force. I am now an advocate of adoption and a strong believer in forgiveness. There are two things I know for sure; one, Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and will always be there for us and two, no matter the consequences- we each have the option to choose how to respond and how to live from that day forward. For me, I choose everyday to be happy.