Friday, February 18, 2011

Glenn Beck

I've always liked Glenn Beck (don't hate me for it). I heard that today on his radio show he was mentioning birth moms. I guess him and his wife have adopted- and have had an amazing experience. Just read this quote from his show and loved it- thought I should share,

"This little girl was a hero. She was a remarkable superhero. Raphe doesn’t need Spiderman or Superman; he’s got his natural mother as an example of what real superheroes do. Real superheroes don’t think about themselves. Real superheroes don’t make their life all about them. Real superheroes do the hard thing, and I can’t imagine anything tougher than giving birth to a child and giving that child away and then wondering your whole life what’s happening in his day."

...I'm not calling myself a superhero, because I think that's ridiculous. But I do think the high regard he holds his son's natural mother in is a beautiful thing. 

You can find him and his wife's adoption story here:

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Stole this off a fellow birth mom's blog. :)

1. What emotions did you experience when you initially found out about the pregnancy?

I was in shock. I think I was actually in shock my entire pregnancy, to be honest. I went through a lot of depression and confusion.

2. Did you plan for single-parenting or marriage?

Never planned on marriage. I was planning on single parenting from the get go

3. Why did you consider adoption? Did you consider abortion as an option?

I didn't consider adoption. I also said a firm no to abortion (I'm pro life). I didn't even TALK about adoption until Kennedy was 6 weeks old

4. What were your major concerns when considering adoption?

I just wanted her to be raised how I would raise her- and have a loving family.

5. Did you have any specifications when searching for your adoptive couple?

I wanted them to be a lot like my parents- I wanted them to raise her like I was raised. And to be strong LDS (Mormon) members.

6. How long into the pregnancy did you wait before selecting a couple?

Didn't even look into it until she was 6 weeks old.

7. Looking at the way your birth child is being raised, are there any parenting practices you disagree with? Or value differences?

No. I picked the PERFECT family for my daughter, and I wouldn't change a thing. They give her everything I could have imagined wanting her to have in life.

8. Is there anything you would change about your current placement?

No. I think everything went as well as I could have pictured it going.

9. How do you feel about the adoptive parents? Is the relationship open/closed? Would you change the current arrangement?

I love her parents. They feel like family to me! It's a super open relationship (we actually email a few times a week, see each other every couple months). Wouldn't change a thing.

10. Do you want to have more children?

Absolutely. I'm pregnant now, so I sure hope so!

11. How would you feel if you were unable to conceive again? Would you consider adopting?

I was VERY worried about this. It took my husband and I about 9 months to get pregnant, so I started to get a bit nervous towards the last few months (since I got pregnant the first time last time). I would have definitely considered adoption- I wouldn't have ever done IVF or anything (just not my thing- I'd rather adopt).